About Us


RiAlto Manufacturing is committed to customer satisfaction through the continual improvement of our products, processes and services.  We specialize in machining and metal fabrication utilizing laser cutting, metal forming and welding for industrial and commercial industries.  Our 71,000 square foot facility is filled with cutting-edge equipment and customer-focused employees.

As a family-owned and -operated business with over 40 years of experience, we know the importance of exceeding our customers’ expectations.  We drive these results with quality parts, delivered on time at reasonable prices.  RiAlto is considered a one-stop shop for many customers and can handle parts from prototype(s) to mass production, based on your unique needs.

Our Passionate Experts

Rick Mattix



Office: (740) 914-4230

Chad Mattix

Vice President | Plant Manager


Office: (740) 914-4230

Josh Obenour

General Manager


Office: (740) 914-4230

Cell: (740) 225-5236

Russell Craig

Project Manager l Engineering


Office: (740) 914-4230

Cell: (740) 360-7950

Matt Forry

Engineer | Project Manager


Office: (740) 914-4230

Cell: (740) 225-4925