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You’re a manufacturer supporting a Tier 1 supplier struggling to keep up with demand. How can you continue to grow your company without adding manpower, equipment, or space? The answer is simple – partner with RiAlto Manufacturing!

We had a customer in this situation who was searching for similar types of shops that could help them keep up with increased customer demands. Their requirements were that the partner must be able to handle parts of various shapes and sizes along with different quantities from prototype to mass production and have strong quality standards. This company had never outsourced before, so they also needed a partner to help them navigate the process. RiAlto was a perfect fit.

First, we assisted with creating and implementing new procedures so we could successfully work together to build quality parts and ensure they were delivered on time and within budget.  Next our specialty in prototyping meant we were able to obtain quality approval on the parts quickly to begin the manufacturing process. One of the major hurdles was the location distance between both companies. This gap didn’t allow us to just hop in the car and review procedures or parts.  There were many phone calls, emails, texts, and web calls to ensure we both understood what was needed. This worked well, and we believe helped both companies grow stronger in all relationships from purchasing to quality.

The need for mass production of parts of various sizes was no issue for RiAlto. We deal with hundreds of jobs in process from one part to thousands. The use of cutting-edge technology allows for precision cuts, perfect measurements, and efficient workflows resulting in faster turn-around times without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Tier 1 suppliers have stringent standards, so quality was top-of-mind. Being ISO 9001:2015 compliant helped our customer understand that quality was integrated in all facets of our operations.

We were asked to quote parts and began to build a solid relationship and purchase orders came fast. The customer has seen much success in outsourcing mass production parts to RiAlto and is able to grow their business without adding capital expenses.  We have continued our own growth with this customer through the last year, adding more mass production parts and parts with added operations.

RiAlto is a one stop shop that can handle many types of manufacturing needs from: welding, machining, laser cutting, metal forming, assembly, paint and more! If you are looking or being forced to grow, but don’t have the employees, equipment, or space, give us a try!