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Custom metal fabrication is a smart, cost-effective way to improve your manufacturing process. Whether it be structural components, custom prototypes or even complete systems, there’s no doubt this type of fabrication offers several advantages over traditional manufacturing methods.

What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is the process of creating custom metal parts. This can include everything from cutting and shaping metal to welding and assembling it into a final product. It’s a versatile manufacturing process that can be used to create a wide variety of products, ranging from medical equipment to car parts.

At RiAlto Manufacturing we’ve fabricated small components to be utilized in the assembly line process to reduce touchpoints and increase worker efficiency. We’ve also produced hundreds of panels that the end-user assembled to meet their specific storage needs. We’re capable of designing and producing made-to-order equipment and fixtures to help our customers meet their goals.

Custom vs Mass-Produced: Which Solution is Best for You?

There’s nothing wrong with mass-produced items. If the part you need is a standard size, shape, or material then custom fabrication is unnecessary. The time to look toward custom metal fabrication is when you need the ability to create complex shapes, create components from a variety of materials, and tailor products to specific needs.

Custom metal fabrication allows you to create unique designs rather than being limited by the designs that are available off-the-shelf. You can work with RiAlto to create a unique design to get exactly the product you want, without any compromises.

Working with RiAlto Manufacturing can also be more cost-effective than purchasing mass-produced items.  Our experienced team can guide you to the most cost-effective materials and production methods for your project. In many cases, we can save you money without sacrificing quality or your specific needs.

Everyone is looking to streamline the manufacturing process. RiAlto can get your parts and components cut, bent, and assembled exactly how you need them, saving time and money by reducing the amount of time spent on manual labor. Outsourcing the manufacturing of these components saves you man-hours, equipment costs, and material expenses.

In addition, custom-made products often have a higher quality than mass-produced items. This is because each piece is made with care and attention to detail, rather than being mass-produced on an assembly line. As a result, custom products can often last longer and perform better than their mass-produced counterparts.


Custom metal fabrication is an excellent way to maximize the efficiency of your business and increase productivity. By using custom metal fabrication, you can create specialized pieces that are specific for your project needs and design unique parts for increased performance. If you’d like more information on how a relationship with RiAlto Manufacturing could benefit your business, contact us today!